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SSL Certificate

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SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, it is cryptographic protocol that provide security and data integrity for communications over networks such as the Internet. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption, a mechanism that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with any transmitted data. Having an SSL on your site makes businesses and consumers eager to submit their confidential details over a web site e.g. credit card or other payment details for e-commerce web sites or other personal details shared for sign in to regular online services.

How It Works?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) issued by a trusted authority such as RapidSSL or PositiveSSL is installed on your domain's hostname i.e. When there is a client of yours that browse over the connection between the browser and the server is encrypted with 128, 256 bit key. Any data send between your client's browser and the server is encrypted before sending and decrypted after received on the server. In that way information transmitted over the Internet is encrypted and signed as secured by this trusted authority. Browser when sending data over https:// checks the validity of the SSL Certificate with the issuance authority. SSL technology protects your Web site and makes it easy for your Web site visitors to trust you.

What is Wildcard SSL?

Regular SSL Certificates are issued and signed to secure single hostname of your domain. In other words you can use it only for one particular subdomain e.g. or If you want to have encrypted secure connection over several subdomains you need Wildcard SSL Certificate. It can be used to secure multiple (as much as you have) subdomains on a single domain name.

Compare and Order

SSL CertificateEncryptionSite SealWildcardPeriodPrice Per Year 
PositiveSSL (Comodo)256 bit1 ~ 3 Years8.5$ or, 6.5$Order Now
RapidSSL (GeoTrust)256 bit1 ~ 3 Years12$ or, 10$Order Now
EssentialSSL (Comodo)256 bit1 ~ 3 Years15$ or, 12$Order Now
Ukrnames SSL256 bit1 ~ 3 Years7$ or, 5$Order Now
AlphaSSL - Wildcard256 bit1 ~ 3 Years50$ or, 40$Order Now
Comodo SSL - Standard New Certificate256 bit5 Years5 Years @ 18$Order Now
Comodo SSL - Wildcard New Certificate256 bit3 Years3 Years @ 118$Order Now

Why SSL Certificate Is Needed?

Buyers and online service users are getting more and more cautious when they browse, do their shopping online or just use online services. When it comes to submitting private details online most of the people are looking for the padlock icon on the bottom of their browser, even they look for the "https://" prefix in their browser's address bar before sharing any information. If your web site does not support encrypted connection and does not have valid SSL Certificate, your visitors may leave your web site without making any purchase or free of charge service signup. They simply do not feel confident to submit their credit card or other personal details over web sites that seem not to be well secured. You can change this, return you customers trust and increase your buyers and online users by purchasing a valid SSL Certificate.

Do I Need SSL for my Web Site?

Valid SSL Certificate is a must if ...
●  Your site is an online store and accepts credit card payments or other orders.
●  Your site offers online services, subscribers has to go over signup process.
●  Your site supports login to user accounts, containing private or secure details.
●  Your site has any other type of transmitting client's data over the Internet.
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